Bergeron's Exotic Animal Sanctuary
The Sanctuary With A Heart
967 County Road #5, Picton, Ontario, Canada K0K 2T0     (613) 476-4212
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Welcome To Our Sanctuary

        We have been open to the public since 1994 and are home to many different species of animals. Many of our animals are zoo surplus, while others came to us from private  ownership and some came because of health problems. We have also accepted animals from the Toronto Humane Society, when they have had an over abundance of farm related domesticate animals. We provide a home for those we can, when they have no were else to go.

        On the grounds we have a picnic area for those who wish to bring and enjoy a picnic lunch. There is also a small gift shop, were all proceeds go to the care of the animals. Here you can buy a number of things such as t-shirts, stuffed animals and other items, all at reasonable prices. Some items feature our own animals. We also have soft drinks, water, potato chips, chocolate bars and other goodies.
Admission Prices

Adults - $10.00 Seniors - $8.00 Students - $8.00 Children - $5.00
Group Rates - $5.00 per person for schools, clubs bus tours etc.
Season Pass  Single Person - $40.00  Family - $100.00
Business Hours


Summer months starting July 1st, The Big Cat Feeding Tour is 2 pm daily

Enhancing the Property with a Farm Storage Building Construction Solution

When a farmer is looking to enhance the appearance of their property, there is a lot of useful things that they can do. From re-painting their home in another bright color to installing a new wooden fence around the grounds, people can pick and choose the types of improvements that they want to do on their own property. In some cases, these projects can be done as a hefty home improvement project that is needed to make the farm’s operations run smoother. This is one of the primary reasons why an owner may choose a farm storage buildings alberta as one of their best options for enhancing the property. So, for those people who may be interested in some of the best improvements that can be made in any farm storage structure improvement, it is best to look online to see what is being offered to homeowners for their convenience. RemudaBuilding are normally high on the list of choices since they provide a certain amount of convenience that many homeowners will enjoy. This is because these buildings are advantageous in quite a few ways. Three of the more common have been provided in the sections below.

#1 – Easy to Put Up These kinds of storage buildings are normally very easy to build. So, the owner will need to review what these structures really entail prior to making a final decision. With only a few parts to make up these structures, it reduces the actual time in installation when being placed on the property. This is one of the biggest advantages to a homeowner choosing this option.

#2- Inexpensive Option vs Traditional Storage Building Construction In the past, a homeowner’s only option for building a storage building on the property was to construct from one plank of wood at a time. From the beams of the building to each section that makes up a complete building, each part of a traditionally made storage building could take quite a bit of time by the owner. Today, owners can do it themselves with a solution that is much better in numerous ways. One of the most important involves standard structure designs that saves a homeowner money.

#3 – Custom Made Because each farm is different, the need for storage space can also vary too. So, for those homeowners who want to benefit from a custom made storage structure, the farm storage buildings can be ideal for those who need a unique solution to solve their problems.
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