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A Bit About Us and Our Furry and Feathered Friends

        We got "Casey" a young baby cougar in 1987, at that time we ran  a boarding kennel for dogs and cats.


Our Daily Food Intake At The Sanctuary

333 lbs of meat a day -- 10 lbs of bananas -- 3 bags of apples
1 bag of kiwi -- 4 lbs of grapes -- 6 sweet potatoes
2 bags of carrots -- 2 bags of oranges -- 1 bag of peanuts
1 bag of figs _ dates -- several heads of romaine lettuce
1 bag of tropical trail mix -- lots of monkey chow, multi chow
cracked corn, oatena sweet horse feed, rabbit pellets and
wild bird seed
        We wanted some day to own a big cat, knowing it would need a large area to live in and fully understanding the responsibility and care needed, we went about to see if this was at all possible. It was a little too easy which is how and why we are doing what we are today. The small private zoo Casey came from called us when Casey was a year old. They had three young male cougar cubs from out west 12 days old and needing homes. We took one of the cubs as company for our female Casey.

        It was not long before tigers, lions, jaguars and wolves all came into our lives, some mere infants, some only a few months old. Our first wolf, now deceased at a ripe old age, came to us at 4 months old, as a last resort before being sent to a hunt camp. That is how it all began. In the first 6 years or so we took care of the animals ourselves, but expenses became almost impossible, so we opened to the public in 1994. By then we had  pot - bellied pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, geese and ducks as well as our many beautiful cats.


        Our policy at the Sanctuary is animals first. We are in great need of financial support, so sometimes we have to say no to requests for us to house other animals. When possible we try to help those we can as long as it does not take away from the care of the animals already living here at the Sanctuary.