Exotic Animal Sanctuary
The Sanctuary With A Heart
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Would you like to sponsor one of our magnificent animals?

Lions -   $2,000.00 a year        Coatimundi - $500.00 a year                Caraval Cat $150.00 a year
Tigers - $2,00000 a year          Snow Monkeys - $500.00 a year         Foxes - $150.00 a year
Jaguars - $1,000.00 a year      Coyotes - $500.00 a year                     Ground Hog - $100 a year
Cougars - $1,000.00 a year     Cavies -$250.00 a year                        Amur Leopard Cat - $150.00 a year
Baboons - $1,000 a year          Owls - $250 a year                                Lynx - $150.00  a year
Bear - $500.00 a year               Servals - $150.00 a year                      Jungle Cats - $150.00 a year
Parrots -  $75.00 a year            Goats - $75.00 a year                           Peacocks - $75.00 a year

        The sponsor fee goes towards the care of that animal for one year. You will receive a framed certificate along with a picture of the animal as well as your name and date of sponsoring on it. A duplicate of this certificate will be displayed on the chosen animals cage for others to see.
        In addition you also receive a framed 4x6 inch picture of the animal and a pass with your name on it. This pass entitles the person whose name is on it to free admission during the year they are sponsoring the animal.